January 17, 2008

Panik throw a 7 (seven) years celebration B. party
at the Elysée-Montmartre Friday 18th from 10pm

7 years yield for a celebration ... but it's by far and foremost THE party you cannot afford to miss this coming friday in Paris.

Panik, it's FABRICE BROVELLI & CHRISTOPHE CAURRET – not to forget La Lune Rousse (thank you miss Charlotte / Olivier) and Artists without concession delivering THE sound and THE grooves to keep your body and your brain pumpin'.
If you never experienced the electro-lyrical mixture produced by Christophe Caurret & Fabrice Brovelli, you must be from deep space 9!
Trevor Jackson, Laurent Garnier, Justice, many were drawn to the Elysée Montmartre stage, squatted for the last 7 years by the BETC 's aethetic duo. It's a dream occasion to enjoy pure music and discover many musical streams which may well be the mainstream music for tomorrow's primetime discovered like many by the talented duet.
Lo-Fi Fnk, In the Club and Tez human beat box will open the night with their eclectic liveshow only to bring us up to the main floor where the fierce Chloé, the talented and productive Étienne de Crécy and the acid Perc will graz the cyber DJ's of the new blogging generation aka Pharrell (Fluokids) and the new wonder Brodinski. It's all set. before this talent rapture, magnifying mirror of this past 7 years, it will be chaos, a real quality panik, indubitably and serenely PANIK !

Special Birthday Party
Friday 18th
Doors opening from from 10pm GET READY!

72, Bd de Rochechouart
75018 Paris
Tel : 01 44 92 45 36

Tube : Anvers (Ligne 2)
Bus 54 & 56

January 07, 2008

Excuse My French #09
@ le Batofar on January 11th, 2008

The Excuse my French epic at the Batofar carries on! The all team wishes you a happy new year 2008 and invites you on January 11th to attend what's gonna be the beginning of a ll serie of exceptionnal events…

Come and discover a galaxy of stars, pure musicians or fine technicians, improvisation geniuses and stage moguls... check for yourselves !

First of all, he is back from last year's performance, one of the key elements of the Excuse my french ' successes, the BeatBox and improvisation genius BEARDYMAN, on stage with his DJ DJ, the talented JFB (UK DMC champ). After shaking the Transmusicales they will scratch fight and BEatbox improvise for your ultmate pleasure…

Another come back, the world DMC champion: DJ NETIK

Icing on the cake, THE billboard heading, the french Hip Hop mogul... CUT KILLER !
To spice up the night and add a live element, TRIBEQA will be on stage with its balafon, drums, bass, guitar & decks (Greem of Hocus Pocus), an exotic mixture, melodic & fresh...

The night MUST see: all the artist will team up to give us a special jam session. Come early just to be sure you don't miss any of this ... It's gonna be Excuse my French Hot !!!

Excuse My French #09
January 11th, 2008

Le Batofar
Facing 11 quai François Mauriac
75013 Paris
Metro Bibliothèque François Mitterand ou Quai de la Gare


December 29, 2007

Celebrate the New Year until the end of the night

the New year's Party Choice

20, rue Gaïté 75014
Paris XIVème
Métro : Gaîté
Téléphone : 01 43 27 24 24

The new cabaret in the rue de la Gaîté, Bobin'O, splits hairs to organise the biggest festival ever organized for the New year's Eve. Guests will be treated to a show with dancing, singing, performance, magic and comedy! Two options are offered:

- An Eve menu formula at € 490 per person which includes a delightful meal accompanied by a half-bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne great century and a half-bottle of Sancerre Les Megaliths or Millesimed Margaux.
- An Eve cocktail formula on the mezzanine level at € 350 per person with a variety of sparkling original appetizers with a half-bottle of champagne Tsarina brut and a half-bottle of 2004 Chateau Haut Reys or Ségla Laplagne 2003.

An Eve to the rhythm of samba - Brasil Tropical in Paris
36, rue du Départ
75015 Paris XVème
Téléphone : 01 42 79 94 94

The Brazilian cabaret Brasil Tropical, located a stone's throw from Montparnasse offers a show with Brazilian musicians and dancers. On December 31st, the cabaret is preparing a special evening to spend Eve in the tropics with a dinner with music, dance and show revue. Menu is € 250 per person with a half-bottle of Bordeaux and a half-bottle of champagne.

An unforgettable dinner - The Lido
116, avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris VIIIème
Téléphone : 01 40 76 56 10

This is certainly the most famous of all cabarets, located on the Avenue des Champs Elysées, the most beautiful avenue in the world. On 31 December, the dancers prepare an exceptional show to celebrate the new year in style. As early as 09pm, customers are greeted with music by the orchestra, before enjoying a dinner prepared by chef Philippe Lacroix and his teams, before attending the Happiness show & revue (La revue bonheur). Evening is € 560 drinks included (water, bottle of champagne or wine and coffee).

An Eve in a legendary cabaret - The Moulin Rouge
82, boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris XVIIIème
Téléphone : 01 53 09 82 82

The famous cabaret in the Pigalle district designed an Eve to remember to celebrate the new year with a dinner with the Moulin Rouge orchestra, the "Féerie" reveu and dancing night until dawn. Evening is € 550 with a bottle of Taittinger Millesimed champagne per person.

Le Kube Rooms & Bars
1-5, passage Ruelle
75018 Paris
Métro : La Chapelle
Téléphone : 01 42 05 20 00

- Happy Kube Formula : 1/4 Nicolas Feuillatte bottle and a 30 minutes session at the Ice Bar with 4 vodka cocktails tasting. 60 €.

- Funny Kube Formula : NY Eve's diner and 30 minutes session at the Ice Bar with 4 vodka cocktails tasting. 190 €.

- Crazy Kube Formula : NY Eve's diner and 30 minutes session at the Ice Bar with 4 vodka cocktails tasting. Double bed room for a night and brunch on January 1st. 320 €.

Romany's Eve - Cirque Romanès (the Romanes circus)
42-44 boulevard de Reims
75017 Paris
Reservations: 05 56 49 95 95 or 06 88 09 22 67

By the end of the year, go for the unexpected at the gates of Paris: the circus Romanès proposes an evening in the tradition of Transylvanian festivals with great dinner, champagne a goog and dance to the sound of Gypsy musicians. Artists also will give you a few surprises, and since in Romania, starting the year with Gypsies brings happiness and good fortune, you no longer have an excuse!
Price: € 130 (dinner & evening)

Eve gala - Le Music Hall
63 avenue Franklin Roosevelt
75008 Paris
Réservation : 01 45 61 03 63

Cousin of dinner-concert and cabarets, this chic and trendy place has built its own room under the sun. Gourmet restaurant in its own right, it takes you on a discovery of young talents - often customers - taking the liberty to perform on the piano or to present their paintings. For Eve, the cook has imagined a dream menu, accompanied by champagne served at will, and subsequently, surprises and cotillons will take you to a hell party until dawn.
Price : 230 € (diner & evening)

Eve on the water - The Charleston
Port de la gare
75013 Paris
Reservations: 06 80 76 19 85

The Louisiana style barge "The Charleston" organizes an "Eve on the Seine" for Paris and travel's lovers. Embark from 08:30pm on the upper deck for the "Prestige diner cocktail", or wait until 11pm to join the clubbing evening to be held on the lower deck. At midnight, champagne will be available for free and the bar will remain free until the morning. S'il n'est pas prévu que la péniche quitte le quai, vous pourrez profiter toute la nuit de la vue imprenable qu'elle offre sur Paris ! If there are no plans for the boat to leave the dock, you can enjoy the view it offers on Paris the whole night long!
Price: dinner and evening in advance € 95, € 120 on the spot, evening 70 €

New year eve diner at the tracks - Le Prestige
http://www.olebodegaparis.com13, boulevard des Alliés
2 route de la Ferme (Bois de Vincennes)
75012 Paris
Téléphone : 01 43 53 68 44

Great moments of emotion guaranteed ! from your table, you'll get a panoramic view on the runway at the heart of the action-racing Hippodrome of Paris-Vincennes. On December 31st, a prestige menu will be prepared for lunch. The provision of € 120 includes an appetizer, menu, drinks, the entrance, parking and two cheques for betting.

Electro Eve at Le Triptyque
142 rue Montmartre
75002 Paris
Réservation : 06 19 02 53 98

For Eve, the Triptych sees things on a larger scale and organizes a 12 hour non-stop Electronic marathon ! The mixture of genres will be the norm, with electro, techno, minimal, house, acid-rock and punk DJs who'll switch all evening long to rock the dance-floor. The lives sessions will also be honoured: Notably, A participation of DIP and Millimetric is scheduled. An after session is scheduled on January 1st until 12 noon, for those who would have not had enough ...
Price : evening & after 25 €, after 10 €

December 21, 2007

Minimalyse This #5
at the Glaz'Art on December 22nd, 207

Line up

NÜ-B. aka Banditos (Techno minimale - Ozore Age / E-beat / Quadbyte / MCD / PYR2 / Le pressing - Live Set)

Soliman (Minimal techno, Progressive - Ozore Age / E-beat / Sound6tem / MCD)

Subversive Boy (Electro break - Live & Show)

Geiger Unit (Techno minimale - Live Set)

Vj Shalom (Visuels - Tunis - Vj)

Minimalyse This #5 le 22 décembre 2007
Minimal, Electro techno, ElectroBreak, Techno progressive
From 11pm to 06am - Participation: 5€.

7/15 avenue de la porte de la villette
75019 Paris
Tél. 01 40 36 55 65
Metro : Porte de la villette


100% Matozoides
on December 21st, 2007 at Glaz'art

The last edition of the 2007 millesime on a 100% Matozoides crew version ! Despite the missing of Zoid, Hybreed, LowKey, Otisto23, Dual Snake and Dee-Jill on stage, the remaining gang isn't the worst or the last to deliver freestyle's dubstep, grime, break, drum and bootlegs. Agitators since 1999, they will be live with some heavy duty stuff, really heavy, we mean really supa heavy ...
Sensitive hears, forget it !
the stage will be decorated for the evening by Kyo-Kho for your eyes only.


100% Matozoides (Dubstep, break, drum)
December 21st, 2007 at midnight
Fee at the door : 5.00€
presale fee : free

7/15 avenue de la porte de la villette
75019 Paris
Tél. 01 40 36 55 65
Metro : Porte de la villette


Drum'n'Bass CircleZ
at La Java on December 21st, 2007

The very last Drum'n'Bass CircleZ of the year ! Name, Eakay et Zudakabass are heating up the house and will open for the live of the glistening Sunka. the fire burst out with the stage entrance of Volta and cannot be controled after the Accion Mutante set; finally, the 1.100.C set isn't really easing up the situation which is becoming fully explosive !

Live : Sunka (Santa Crew), Accion Mutante (Rebel Alliance / Ttc).
Selekta : Volta (Asphalte Recording / Hyperdogs rec), Zudakabass vs Eakay vs Name (Hmr Family / Loltime), 1.100.C (Elektroniktou / Ohms).
Mc : Wallas (kolision) + Abba (More fire).
Scratch : Freaky (Do You Want More !?), Monolythe (Audiovenum / Do You Want More !?), Ornykar (Qualitybeats / Elektroniktou).

Drum'n'Bass CircleZ on December 21st, 2007
From Midnight to Dawn. 6 euros

La Java
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple
75010 Paris
Metros : Goncourt - Belleville


December 10, 2007

PANIK the Party
the last party of the year Friday, December 14, 2007 at 11:30pm

CAPSER CLARK (fluokids/uk))
ALTER EGO live (klang/playhouse/ger)
BRODINSKI vs YUKSEK (mental groove/uwe/fr)
RADIOSLAVE (rekids/uk)

+ john at the gate & charlotte in da room ;)

PANIK the Party
www.panikalelysee.com ou www.myspace.com/paniktheparty
Friday, December 14, 2007 at 11:30pm
Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 6:00am

Elysée Montmartre
72 bd de rochechouart
75009 Paris, France

Metro Anvers
Presales : Fnac 15 euros + reservation fees
on the spot: 15 euros


TECHNORAMA featuring Juan Atkins
@ le Batofar December 13, 2007

Technorama is back at le Batofar and receives one of the legends of American electronic music. Born in 1962 in Detroit, Juan Atkins is one of the founding fathers of electro along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Rocked by both Parliament & Funkadelic productions or by European synthetic pop groups like Kraftwerk, Devo or Telex, Juan have been successfully digesting the influences he perfectly delivers in his radio programs and in his live sets. We find him as a producer under various nicknames as Infiniti, Model 500, and on the Cybotron, X-Ray or Frequency projects. His stop in Paris anticipates a memorable two hours DJ set. He will be accompanied by the collective Technorama dj's, namely Dj Jee and Oxyd. Enjoy !

Line up :
- Juan Atkins (Metroplex, R&S, Tresor / Detroit),
- Dj Jee (Technorama, Tsugi, Topplers / Paris),
- Oxyd (Technorama, Triangle FM / Paris).

TECHNORAMA featuring Juan Atkins
@ le Batofar December 13, 2007
09pm till dawn
Particpation fee : 12 euros, 10 euros before 10pm.

Le Batofar
Facing the 11 quai François Mauriac
75013 Paris
Métro Bibliothèque François Mitterand ou Quai de la Gare


The 5 Beats #24 feat. Laurent Garnier
@ Djoon le 15 décembre 2007

Real Tone Records, the Parisian label, presents: The 5 Beats edition No. 24.

Laurent Garnier (FCom / Paris),
Franck Roger (Real Tone Records / Paris).

For the latest edition of the year, The 5 Beats is taking the form of a Christmas present, offering an exceptional event. Laurent Garnier makes us the great honor to come and play Djoon in one of his (too) rare Paris appearances. Needless to present this music stakhanovist, from the early hour, a real mood master known for his epic sets ... It's within the intimate Djoon setting that the maestro will perform and conduct a musical journey off the beaten path, a real experience to live. Everything has been said, except perhaps we should warn you that with Laurent, it is very rare to see the doors of the club closing down on time. Laurent Garnier @ Djoon.. Come early !

The 5 Beats #24
featuring Laurent Garnier le 15/12/2007

Le Djoon
22 boulevard Vincent Auriol
75013 Paris
Métro : Quai de la gare.

fee : 20€. Drinks from 5 to 10€.
from 11pm to dawn.


Automatik vs Gravity
at the Rex Club on December 14th, 2007

Born in Barcelona, Paco Osuna is breathing electronic music since 1988, when he fell into a bath of the new born "acid house". in 1994 he began to mix to become one of the most prestigious Spanish djs. Since 1999, he is a resident at the Amnesia in Ibiza, a club giving him today his status as acid house reference. Paco Osuna is nowdays competing with the very same people he got his inspiration from i.e. Sven Väth. Note that it will be on stage together with David Maltese, Yan X and Siskid, whom is preparing a new Maximum Initial EP for January ...

Djs : Paco Osuna (M_nus / +8 - Mindshake - Es), Siskid (Initial Cut - Uk), David Maltese (Gravity - Fr) - Yan X (Fr).

Automatik vs Gravity (Techno)
December 14th, 2007 around midnight - 15€ (presale 10€).

Le Rex Club
5 boulevard Poissonnière
75002 Paris
Métro Bonne Nouvelle


Saturday December 15th, 2007 at the Batofar

Ping Pong and the Batofar are joining forces to offer you a dream billboard! Indeed, Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr., the legend of Detroit house, and Zero dB, the figurehead of the Ninja Tune label will be gathered on the stage of the bato for an already cultish evening ! On the live side, the Rednose District Dutchs will give us the best of their broken beat / techno / hip hop productions from their latest album "Poes" published in November 2007!
Charismatic Detroit Producer, he was the first to mix soul or jazz sounds to electronic music; author of cult album such as "Black Mahoganny" released on Peacefrog, his club appearances are also as rare as they are exceptional; complete Artist and musician his dj sets are unexpected and vary according to his moods! House, techno, funk, groove: every styles are checked and we will not complain!
By his sides stands Zero dB, the champion of the Ninja Tune French team, exiled in Barcelona, has triggered many rumors following the release of his "Bongo, Bleeps & Basslines" album, which was a real dancefloor bomb! Breakbeat & dubstep sound adept, his latest performances at the bato remain carved in our memory!
At last, the Dutch duo Rednose District will present their latest album "Poes" released on the Kindred Spirits label; the 2 Amsterdam producers, Aardvarck and Steven de Peven, are 2 UFOs in the electronic landscape: swinging from broken beat to techno, their live are known for their diversity mirroring their latest opus; to urgently discover !

Djs ! Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr (Kdj / Peacefrog – Detroit) / Zero dB (Ninja Tune – Barcelone)
Live ! Rednose Distrikt (Kindred Spirits - Hollande)

Saturday December 15th, 2007
house, broken beat, hip hop, techno
10pm - 06am // 15€

Le Batofar
Facing the 11 quai François Mauriac
75013 Paris
Métro Bibliothèque François Mitterand ou Quai de la Gare


December 04, 2007

Bassculture feat. Josh Wink & D'Julz
at le Rex Club on December 08th, 2007

Josh Wink needs no introduction, well known Dj, producer and founder of OVUM, one of the most known clubbing label. Josh and his team combine together minimal, hypnotic, and housy EP in which one can find American acid house as well as round textures of the Berlin sound. Their last opus, The Hybrids of Taho could well become next week must hear hit! D'Julz, deeply involved in must awaited production projects, sign and do it again with this exceptionnal new program.

Djs : Josh Wink (Ovum - US), D'Julz (Pokerflat / Ovum - Fr).

Bassculture (House, minimal)
December 08th, 2007 / 00:00 / 15€ (presale 10€).

Le Rex Club
5 boulevard Poissonnière
75002 Paris
Métro Bonne Nouvelle


Jungle Juice exclusive #01 feat. Logistics, Crissy Criss, Dj Pascal
at the Bellevilloise on December 08th, 2007

After a most refreshing first night at the plateau, Jungle Juice is already going into high gear moving into the "most talked about" place in Paris: The Bellevilloise.
A nice way to welcome the drum and bass cream to a broad and warm neighbourhood, in order to collect its most explosive sound nectar !

Logistics (Hospital / Uk)
The Luke Skywalker of the drum and bass is back in Paris after a very remarkable performance at the Cabaret Sauvage in 2006. Must have Producer and one of the most eclectic DJ around, he will performeed his drum and bass combining the power of electro, disco glam vibe and intensity of soul music, in a sonic explosion worthy of a clash between Daft Punk, Letfield, Calibre and Marvin Gaye.
No Raver Can Resist ! Boom !

Crissy Criss feat. Mc Darrison (BBC 1 Xtra Radio - Ahead of the Game / Uk) (Movement / UK)
At 20 years old, this child of the bass is a real phenomenon in England. Discovered by the legendary Kenny Ken, Crissy Criss starts mixing at 9 years old. The BBC 1 Extra radio hired him without delay to become the youngest dj / presenter over the English waves since two years already. He hosts a weekly strictly explosive D'N'B show and discover the most recent cream of England productions. He comes for the first time in Paris to deploy his "magic touch" mixing dancefloor bombs, fresh dubplates, and personal grimey productions ! Crissy, will be accompanied by the jewel, but no less joyous Darrison, a resident of the premium Movement nights. This would help him to greatly atomized the dancefloor with his hip hop break out flow ... Nice And Crisssssssssp !

Dj Pascal (True Playaz - Ganja Crew / Uk)
The Real Playaz Consortium, Boss himself, will come to Paris to deliver the sound making his labels reputation : Playaz Recordings, Ganja Recordings, Frontline Records, et Ganja-Tek Recordings to name but a few... every one of them being a true Jump Up reference. Pascal will seize the occasion to present his latest productions with Mc Tali, Hype, Hazard, G Dub or Prolix... the all lot from the Playaz Studios ! Fasten your seatbelts, the floor will shake @ la Bellevilloise ! ! Smoking Selecta !

Pitch-in feat Taiwan Mc (Cool and Deadly / FR)
the most efficient D&B Dj of the capital. Pitch will trigger the warm up mixing oldschool ragga jungle & liquid funk, together with the flamboyant ragga-lova flow of Taiwan MC . they'll be back at the end of the night to finish off the survivors, Inna Deadly Way !

Jungle Juice exclusive #01 avec Logistics, Crissy Criss, Dj Pascal @ Bellevilloise on December 08th, 2007
participation: 15 euros.
Presale : Fnac & Ticketnet.fr.
Infoline : et junglejuiceteam@gmail.com

La Bellevilloise
19-21, rue Boyer
75020 Paris
Métro Gambetta (sortie Place Martin Nadaud) et Menilmontant
Bus : 26, 61, 69, 96


Automatik & the Clones
at Le Rex Club on December 07th, 2007

It has been about 2 years since Automatik had hosted The Clones duet. They're coming back with their live set, faithful to their Clones label's style : an unbridled techno, a bit the 2 Many Dj's way, whom do not hesitate to swing sounds straight out of the 80's and 90's to deliver a boundless energy. The Canadian DJ Preach will also be honored by our french guests Amplified People and the club resident Laurent Hô.

Lives : The Clones (Clones Rec - Uk), Amplified People (Valiza Tools - Fr).
Djs : Dj Preach (Relic Rec / F.B.I - Can), Laurent Ho (Automatik - Fr).

Decembre 07th, 2007 / 00:00 / 15€

Le Rex Club
5 boulevard Poissonnière
75002 Paris
Métro Bonne Nouvelle


Get Lost Release Party
at Le Rex Club on December 06th, 2007

Crosstown Rebels' cream of the cream will present the release of the 3rd volume of the "Get Lost" compilation mixed by Dinky. Based in Europe, The Chilean born DJ, is one of the rising stars of the international minimal housescene. Damian Lazarus and Jamie Jones, authors of the first two volumes which have reached a great public and media success, will team up with the lady in charge for a night to remember.

Djs : Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels - Uk), Dinky (Crosstown Rebels - Chilie), Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels / Freak'n Chic - Uk).

Get Lost release party (House, minimal).
A 23h30 - Free

Le Rex Club
5 boulevard Poissonnière
75002 Paris
Métro Bonne Nouvelle


November 29, 2007

featuring OMAR S Saturday december 01st, 2007 at the Nouveau Casino till dawn

Smallville Records tonight offers a one-way trip to Detroit inviting Omar S, the new prince of the most influential city to the history of techno. Alex "Omar S" Smith is one of the few artists still representing and living the true soul of the Detroit techno through its productions and its djsets. Omar S is, since his early days, immersed in the Detroit and Chicago house techno scene and started his career as a dj in 1993 alongside the famous Joe Claussel in one of his first Manhattan's club. In 2001, he released 70 copies of his first test pressing on his own FXHE label.
Encouraged by a Theo Parrish impressed with this first cut, Omar S released his second EP in 2003 with sales quickly exploding thanks to his underground hits and already classic "U" (instrumental) and "Miss You." From the third EP onwrd, the FXHE label is also distributed in Europe, where it is experiencing an instant success. Omar S since produced several albums and EPs where his unique and inimitable style is kickin'. His influences as a composer are also found in his sets mixing deep house, disco, soulful tech funk and his own productions, revealing to the public the new Detroit sound only him, Derrick May, Carl Craig and Theo Parrish among others possess the secret.


Line-up : OMAR S (FXHE – Detroit) / JACQUES

Saturday december 01st, 2007 - 00:00 till dawn
8€ before 01am, 12 euros afterward

Le Nouveau Casino
109, rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris

Metro Ménilmontant, Parmentier, Saint-Maur


at the Nouveau Casino on Friday november 30th until dawn

The Fullpanda label celebrate its sixth release (Various Artist) inviting French artists represented on the label, recognized sound activists, both at a Parisian and international level: Automat, absolute absolute connoisseur of the old-school electro, for a live-djset and Stalker, the styles experimenter, for a live achieved only with machines! By their side, a very special guest, Donato Dozzy, unique Italian artist and future artist on the label, and of course the founder of the label, Dasha Rush in person. Exceptional Musicians for an unforgettable sound journey, visually accompanied by the visual artists collective RYbN.


Friday november 30th, 2007 - 00:00 until dawn
PAF : 5 euros before 01am, 10 euros afterward.

Le Nouveau Casino
109, rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris
Métro Ménilmontant, Parmentier, Saint-Maur


at Rex Club Friday november 30th featuring Dusty Kid

He owns a sympathetic doll head , but when he talks about techno, he knows what he's talkin' about ! Dusty Kid is the little child prodigy of the Italian techno.
His twenties barely behind him, he is already authored the maxi hit "The Cat / The Kitten," and recently created the project Duoteque with Andreas Ferlin, a duet signed on the "Boxer" label and often played by Sven Väth, Villalobos or Magda. This will be his first visit to Automatik, live.
Calm records and his manager D'Jedi also invite Popov live, as well as the Rex Club resident DJ'.

>Live: Dusty Kid (Boxer - Ita) Popof (Skrypton - Fr)
http://myspace.com/dustylittlekid - http://www.duoteque.com/

>DJ's: D'Jedi aka Electric Rescue (Calme rec. - Fr) - Antony (Warehouse - fr)

Friday november 30th 2007, 00:00 / 15€

5 Bd Poissonnière
75002 Paris
Tel: 01 42 361 096

Metro : Bonne Nouvelle


at Glaz'Art on Friday November 30th

BELLEVILLE ZOO is a new label resulting from the fusion between PUSHY ! and the LE BISON andKIOSK ECLECTIC labels, therefore uniting all artist belonging to their common universe.
To celebrate the birth of the label, Pushy ! join forces tonight with a bunch of artists from various background for a colourfull night to remember !

FANTAZIO www.fantazio.org / www.myspace.com/fantazio
RIKKHA (le Bison) feat. ARCHISEB, PATCHOL & JULIETTE DRAGON www.myspace.com/rikkha
CHERAVIF (Kiosk Eclectic)

PUSHY ! (Belleville Zoo / Neo Pop Art)

RADIO BOMB www.radiobomb.info / www.myspace.com/alexradiobomb

DJ :
DOUMONSTOR (Belleville Zoo)

G-MO www.myspace.com/genetikmonoeil

MME MENTAL www.mmemental.com

KIOSK ECLECTIC www.kiosk-eclectic.com / www.myspace.com/kioskeclecticrecords

LES FILLES DE JOIE www.myspace.com/lecabaretdesfillesdejoie

from 10pm till dawn.

7 à 15 avenue de la porte de la villette
75019 Paris
Métro porte de la villette